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What We Do

Multi-family & Hospitality Management Approach

Specialized Skillset

ViaNova has developed a specialized approach to hospitality and multi-family management. The points below identify our approach to managing 7 key pillars of hospitality and multi-family operations





Accounting is the scorecard of any business, and, as such, our centralized accounting service results in lower administrative and payroll expenses, accurate and informative statistic comparable analysis, timely processing of accounts receivable/payable, and prudent daily cash control.




We believe that operational excellence is achieved through active management. Our aggressive schedule of property visits and constant communication with our property managers provides guidance, support, and quality assessments to maximize operating efficiencies and customer service tailored to each property or project.



           Sales & Marketing

We place special emphasis on measurable and effective sales & marketing programs for each of our projects. Our focus on local, regional, and national exposure and a personalized sales action plan ensures active promotion of each hotel on a quantifiable basis. We use state of the art sales and marketing software to assist with contract administration and productivity at the property level, while gaining from the assistance of cross-selling our own properties as part of an on-going marketing campaign.



           Human Resources

We foster an energetic attitude, motivation, inspiration, and guest satisfaction through training our Associates on operational excellence.



           Purchasing and Cost Containment

We increase profitability by reducing operational expenses. Our efficient ordering processes, inventory management systems, food & beverage management, and purchase efficiencies provides our hotels with a competitive advantage in contributing significantly to the bottom line. These relationships, with direction from our development team, also ensure capital improvements incorporate practical design planning to control the capital budget.



            Revenue Management

We work hand-in-hand with our property managers to regularly analyze market trends, situational analysis, and identifies key indicators and produce the highest results through active yield and revenue management. VaiNova focuses on top-line growth while effectively managing sources of revenue and e-commerce to monitor the most profitable type of revenue.



            Guest/Resident Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our customers. We develop targeted plans that seek to identify the largest value drivers for customers in a given market and then tailor our properties to those tastes. This allows us to maximize revenue while allowing us to provide added value to our customers.

ViaNova is a full-service firm with the capability execute at all phases from due diligence to underwriting to operations. The table below provides a high-level view of many of the focal points in each of the 7 key operations areas in which ViaNova specializes.


Feasability Studies/Due Dilligence

  • Analyze and Verify Operational and Financial Feasibility Studies

  • Assist in Site Selection & Evaluation

  • Coordinate Demand Studies

  • Prepare Financial Pro-forma Alternatives

  • Prepare Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate


Financial Planning

  • Develop Modeling Packages to Project Operations Revenue and Expenditures

  • Coordinate Appraisals

  • Develop Financial Package Structure

  • Develop Financial Package Alternatives

  • Interface with Lending Institutions

  • Identify Use of Funds



  • Conduct Underwriting Process

  • Conduct Indepth Market Analysis

  • Develop Pro-forma Financial Statements

  • Recommend Appropriate Financial Structuring

  • Coordinate Appraisals

  • Prepare Marketing Materials

  • Prepare Loan Packages



  • Design Facilities to Fit Target Markets/Customers

  • Coordinate with Architect, Engineer, Land Planner and Interior Designer

  • Coordinate Layout and Procurement of Furnishings

  • Make Recommendations and Selections for All Required Systems Including Phones, Locks, AV, etc.


Construction Management

  • Function as Construction Manager

  • Develop Proposed Renovation/Development Plans Including Execution Level Detail/Pricing

  • Coordinate Input with Architect, Engineer, etc.

  • Take Project Bids

  • Perform Pre-Opening Inspections and Punch List for Property



  • Create and Implement Pre-Opening Marketing Plan

  • Assemble Pre-Opening Budgets

  • Recruit, Hire, and Train All Key Personnel. Develop Personnel Manual

  • Establish Definitive Action Plans for All Departments

  • Obtain All Needed Business Permits

  • Develop Pricing Structures

  • Coordinate Procurement of Supplies



  • Develop Strategic Marketing Plan with Budget and Action Plans Using Behavioral Economics to Understand Consumer Demand

  • Establish Aggressive Sales Effort for Each Target Segment

  • Perform Daily Management of Property and Administrate All Property Policies

  • Establish Annual Goals for Each Department

  • Provide Human Resources Support

  • Process All Transactions Including Cash Receipts, Payroll, and AP

  • Produce All Monthly Management Reports