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602 Spears Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37405
Tel: 423.763.1772
We are a boutique development firm that specializes in
multi-family and hospitality development


Our core regions of interest are

2nd and 3rd tier cities

in the Southeast and the Midwest 

ViaNova Development has a proven track record in identifying and building value. We seek to generate returns through strategic leadership, a commitment to operational excellence, partnerships with outstanding management teams, opportune acquisitions, and the timely use of financing expertise. We believe that people and relationships matter and that a strong reputation is a strategic asset. This is why we uphold the principles of mutual respect, trust, transparency, and integrity in all of our activities.


  • Extensive commercial real estate and hospitality development expertise and relationships.


  • A proven research and operational execution methodology that can be deployed with speed and accuracy (deals with a value in excess of $60M evaluated and closed since July 2011).


  • Investor protection: All investors will receive Via Nova’s Preferred Protection Guarantee which contractually states that all investors will be paid dividends and distributions prior to the Via Nova management team as a sign of our commitment to a successful venture.




Founded in 2013, ViaNovaDevelopment is a full-service, vertically integrated multi-family and hotel development/management company that prides itself on its proven entrepreneurial and strategic approach to investment placement. We target our investments to maximize asset performance through clear and concise investment goals. Out proactive, integrated approach of continually assessing each investment with regard to performance, market position, current value, and capital structure allows ViaNovato monitor the market and optimize benefits to investors and partners. 


Our current focus is to develop a portfolio of properties of historic significance under the sub-brand of “Heritage Properties” across the Southeastern and Midwestern United States. We currently have $60MM in projects under development in Omaha (NE), Shreveport (LA), Chattanooga (TN), and Saint Louis (MO).


ViaNova’s core belief is that integrating with local teams and organizations is a key success factor and that local partnerships are required to bring the most out of the historic buildings that have become a core part of the team’s portfolio. 

Current Investment Focus