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Construction Plans



Since its inception, ViaNova Development has investigated and underwritten over $750MM in potential deals. 

We currently have $100MM in construction underway with another $100MM in assets under contract. 

ViaNova's extensive network of both equity/debt partners as well as its proven underwriting/due diligence methodology allows the firm to close on deals rapidly.


This mix of capabilities allows our investors to enjoy exceptional returns.

Architectural Modelling

From Design to Construction Management

In addition, to identifying financial opportunities, we are a full service development firm and we manage our projects from the financial underwriting phase to architecture/design through the final certificate of occupancy. Our specialization is in value-add and adaptive reuse properties ranging from Class A to Class C assets for both hospitality and multi-family investments. 

We also utilize our direct links to overseas manufacturers to source materials and drive down development costs. 

Construction Site



ViaNova Development is extremely versatile and skilled in utilizing specialty programs to improve project returns. The team has successfully completed projects with the following special financing provisions:

  • Historical Tax Credits


  • CPACE (Commercial Property Assed Clean Energy) Financing


  • Opportunity Zones

  • SIDD/TIDD City Tax Credits


  • Property Tax Abatements



Founded in 2013, ViaNova Development is a full-service, vertically integrated multi-family/hotel investment holding and development that prides itself on its proven and strategic and opportunistic approach to investment placement. We target our investments to maximize asset performance through clear and concise investment goals. 

Our mission is to use financial and operational insights to find unique, underpriced or underperforming real estate assets, primarily hospitality and multi-family properties, that net our investors IRRs in excess of 20% annually. We exclusively look for properties that allow us to use our rehabilitation and operational expertise to drive a favorable misalignment of price and value.

ViaNova Development is a different type of buyer, offering several distinct advantages to brokers and investment partners:


  • Responsive and focused

    • Our sole responsibility is to find and purchase assets. We don’t have board or management responsibilities to distract from evaluating acquisitions, and we have the latitude to work fast with most projects under contract within 30 days and closing within 90 days. We also understand that if a “yes” to a deal is not possible, then a speedy “no” is second best.


  • Flexibility in buying structure

    • ​We do not have a mandated deal structure. As such, we are motivated and able to creatively structure a purchase that can accommodate the needs of our financial partners.


  • Deeply experienced network of advisors

    • ​ViaNova’s partners and advisors are former executives, entrepreneurs, and investment professionals who are keenly interested in lending their expertise to the acquisition process.


Our recent focus has been on the adaptive reuse of hospitality and multifamily properties, particularly centered on the redevelopment of historic buildings, across the Southeast and the Midwest. ViaNova currently has over $100MM in construction projects under development in Omaha (NE), College Station (TX), Huntsville (AL), and Suwanee (GA). 


At this point, ViaNova is focused on balancing its development-heavy portfolio with more stabilized or financially distressed assets that require light value-add in order to augment our existing construction portfolio.






Year Established

Projects Completed



Average Project IRR





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ViaNova Development offers access to off-market deals to an exclusive network of 200+ private investors. If you are interested in getting access we are always pleased to hear from potential investors.


We are also looking for Joint Venture partners with development opportunities.

Head Office

602 Spears Avenue

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37416


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