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Hotel Indigo Chattanooga

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 6.23.25 PM.png
  • Location: 300 West 6th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402

  • Project Type: Adaptive Reuse

  • Units: 117

  • Project Cost: $18.5MM

  • As-Completed Appraisal: $22.8MM

  • Projected Investor Returns: 17%

  • Financing Story: ViaNova Development partnered with the alternative lender Stonehill Capital. 

  • Other Details:  Chattanooga is many things. It’s an outdoors paradise. It’s the Gig City – an innovative, modern town with a tech-driven economy. It’s a fun, affordable, walkable, foodie-friendly, beer-drinker’s kind of town. And that’s all the more remarkable considering that it used to be, as Walter Cronkite famously said, “the dirtiest city in America.” But forward-thinking city leaders made hard decisions and took bold actions to create a friendlier, greener, more modern Chattanooga.                                                                                                                                      The Hotel Indigo Chattanooga's design aesthetic feeds off of Chattanooga's persona as an outdoors lover's paradise with a mix of futuristic lighting and natural materials to round out the design aesthetic.                                                                                                                                From a food and beverage standpoint, "Wanderer Public House" delivers an open pet-friendly atmosphere, which is designed to accommodate the city's beer culture. The bar and restaurant features both indoor and outdoor spaces with games and entertainment interspersed throughout. The dining options feature a curated menu of comfort foods with a Southern twist. 

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